A haunted holiday…

21 Oct

Woo hoo, it’s the month of All Hallows Eve!! And now that I finally have a house of my own to decorate, I’ve started going a little crazy with skulls and pumpkins! After a Walmart haul from the Halloween isle, I started putting together a haunted mantle and made a little banner to go along with it!!

For the banner, I used Recollections “Midnight Magic” stack, a whimsical and colorful collection with great Halloween motifs! I love their papers, all heavy duty and with fabulous designs. I used plain black Recollections card stock to make the base banner pieces, and layered the fun prints from DCWV on top. I used Martha Stewart’s Iron Gate border punch for the orange across the top, and used my Cricut to cut out the letters from Recollections cardstock. The ribbon is from a bulk kit I got a while back from Costco I think? I just stapled all the pieces to it and voila!

The vase is a rectangular vase I got from Hobby Lobby, and I got the roses and skulls from Walmart. I had a bunch of black tulle laying around so I cut 2 big squares, wrapped around the roses, put the skulls in the bottom, and done!

So just a few fun decor ideas for Halloween, super cheap and super cute!

What a lucky girl!! Thank’s Teresa Collins!!!

2 Oct IMG_0671

A few weeks back, I entered a Facebook contest on Teresa Collins‘ page for her new line, Vintage Finds. I can’t even describe how much I adore this line!!! It is the perfect mix of vintage and classic, all full of yummy creams, soft oranges and elegant black accents. The line is full of sweet sentiments like “happiness, gratitude, love, family, moments, story…” Being a lover of mini-albums, my favorite part about her paper is that it is heavy enough to use the cardstock as a page itself, without having to make chipboard pages. The paper is actually sturdy enough to be its own page! I LOVE being able to cut out the paper and make a mini without having to fiddle with covering each piece of chipboard, painting the edges, etc. All the papers are double-sided, and there is TONS of matching embellies to compliment them, like jeweled brads, vintage buttons, pop-out flash cards with sentiments, damask stamps, 3D and chipboard stickers, punch-out tag pages, bingo cards, and my personal fav, the gold glitter border strips! Needless to say, I was just beside myself with excitement when I found out that I was one of the winners!!!! I spoke with one of the sweetest women, Sesil, and we decided to meet up at Scrapfest at the Mall of America to pick up my prize. I can’t even describe how restless I was for those couple weeks, because Scrapfest itself isn’t exciting enough?!?

Now ladies, I can’t stress enough how AWESOME Teresa Collins is; and so very generous in her giveaways!!! So, I wanted to share with you the AMAZING Vintage Finds line that I won, and some of the projects I’ve made with it!!!


This is Sesil, I just adore her! Even though it was during Scrapfest, (undoubtedly crazy busy for them), she stopped and talked with my mom and I for a while while about scrapping and the crafting cruise they have coming up! (A crafting cruse?! Can you say Scrappers Paradise?!?!!) For info about the cruise, click here. 


So of course the first thing I made with this awesome line is a mini!! I told my boyfriend that I love this mini so much I’m going to save it to put pictures of my first born in it, and I’m totally serious!! (which is saying something, as I’m not even married yet!!!) This isn’t all the pages, but I wanted to show my fav’s!!

Then I made a thank you card for Teresa and Secil, as they were so so so generous!!! The card turned out so great I just had to make one for my mom too :D

I used some old lace that I had around from when my mom used to sew wedding dresses along the bottom,  and used 2 of Martha’s deep edge punches: Twirl Loop (my all time favorite punch!) and double arches. I have started using Martha’s corner punches to make all kinds of medallions like the chocolate one under “thankful”, it’s my favorite new way to mat!

Anyway, I am just head over heels over this line, and feel so blessed to have gotten a chance to try out the whole line. Thanks again Teresa Collins!!

DIY Gift Boxes

15 Sep

I was given the opportunity last weekend to fly back to Denver to participate in the Tri for the Cure (a triathlon for breast cancer research) with my mom :D She was nice enough to sign me up and fly me back so that I could do the race with her! So I wanted to give her a little gift, as well as little somethings to my aunts and cousin that did the race with us. The 2 aunts that did the race are survivors of breast cancer, so this race hits very close to home for all of us.

I purchased pink sapphire heart-shaped pendants, but the boxes they came in were somewhat less than spectacular. White cardboard… blah!!! Being a scrapper, I knew just how to spice them up: Rosettes!


I used ribbon and hot glue to make some really pretty rosettes, glued a silver bead cap in the center, and topped with a small rhinestone.

Before I glued the rosettes down, I wrapped black ribbon around the top and bottom of the box (so it could still open) and that was it! Super simple and a nice handmade touch to any gift :)


Thanks for looking and happy crafting!

The ultimate thrift: Upcycling a DIY project !!!

17 Aug

You know you’re a craft-addict when you upcycle a previous DIY project. Oh my… ;D

A few years ago, a couple of my girlfriends and I went to Joanns and got fleece to make some tie blankets. (Here’s a tutorial for tie blankets if you haven’t made one before, they’re super easy and no-sew!) I have loved that blanket for YEARS, it’s HUGE and soft and so cozy! However, as fleece does, it started to become a little worn looking…



Looks like some of my knots even came undone in the wash… Oh well, just tied them back up again. So my particular blanket was a very long blanket, I think I got 3 yards worth of fleece? So what I decided to do was get a bag of batting from Joanns ($10/bag, $5 with coupon!) ….



open it up and separate it all out (this stuff multiplies like crazy!)…



In the picture above, the batting is covering about half the blanket (other half is bunched up on the right, shows you how long it is…!)


…then fold my blanket over, and tie the knots that were already around the edge to each other, just like you make the tie blanket the first time around.



It’s kind of hard to tell, but you can see above, i took a knot on each side and tied them in a knot to each other. This worked really well, as fleece is a pretty stretchy fabric. It got a bit tricky when I came to a section where I had cut pretty short pieces and so I had really short knot tags, but was fine other than that! Granted, you could do this project out of a new tie blanket and not tie all the way around the edges to then fold it in half and tie again… but hey, this is upcycling! This is what I had!!!



So this is the finished product. And I must say, Isis loves it!!! So for those old blankets, this is a great project that will make a certain canine in your house very happy! You could use additional bags of batting, depending how fluffy you want it to be, but since mine’s going to be a dog bed, I didn’t need it stuffed like a pillow



(sorry about the blur, she was so excited, she wouldn’t stop moving!!!)

Sprucing it up!

15 Aug

For years and years, I’ve been collecting pictures of home decor ideas, architectural layouts, paint techniques, interesting feng shui tips and more, just waiting for the day that I can start decorating my very own home! However, the boy and I are still renting… and I was getting tired of holding back on the decorating just because we can’t paint or rip up the carpets. So lately, I’ve been leaning a lot more towards home decor items, and little accents I can put up in the house without changing the rental. To go along with the black and white decoupage table I made (click here to see!!), I got a foam wreath from Joanns and ordered some ribbon from theribbonretreat.com (great site, tons of fun ribbons at way low prices!) to DIY a cute all season wreath for under $15!

Ingredients Used:

  • Styrofoam wreath (Joanns $5),
  • ribbon (1 1/2″ black/white stripe, $2.25 per 5 yards, I’d get at least 15 yrds, still less than $10!)
  • hot glue/glue gun

I took the wreath and glued ribbon on the side facing me, wraped a few times, and glued again. I repeated this process all the way around, making sure to pull the ribbon TIGHT (didn’t want any creases or folds!) and glue every few wraps. Also, make sure to always glue on the side facing you, so that you can’t see the glue from the front.





Holding the end and looping the ribbon back and forth in longer and longer pieces, I made the bow and hot glued it at the bottom, off to the side a bit. I really adore how it turned out, and it seriously took maybe 20 minutes!!


Father’s Day Project!

14 Jun front

So I’m always kindof hesitant to make something crafty for the men in my life, wondering if it will be manly enough. I did dive into making a really-mini mini for my boyfriend for Valentines Day (click here to see it!) and not only does he keep it on the night stand on his side of the bed, he is always picking it up and flipping through it, saying it is the coolest thing anyone’s ever done for him!! So for all you ladies out there that think men won’t appreciate the hard work, dedication, time and emotion that we pour into a craft for him, thing again!! I’ve found that they love it and do understand the effort that a good home-made gift takes.

Here are some pictures of the Father’s Day gift I made for my dad. To recreate something like this (which can be made to any theme and is such a great gift!!)  I just purchased a multi-pack of Artist’s Loft canvases (the cheap ones) from Michaels and painted all the edges black with acrylic paint, on both sides of the canvas.

You can get a couple hinges from your local hardware store to connect the side so that the canvases open like a book (with the “back” of the canvases on the insides).

For those of you that have seen my crafting style, you know I’m not the most meticulous crafter, so I cut out strips by eyeballing the width and used a ruler to measure pieces big enough for the outside. After that, I just embellished with Cricut cut-outs and made photo tags to slip in the inside. The frame can be stood up on a table or closed like a book, depending on how you/they want it displayed!

Using the Ornamental Iron cartridge, I cut out one of the gates (twice in the polka dot paper and twice in black) and staggered them to get a more dimensional effect. The paper is a DCWV stack (will get back to you on the name…). I used a fiscars postage stamp punch and the Gypsy font (that comes on the cricut gypsy) for the lettering. The “Live in the Moment” vellum quote was punched with a Martha Stewart border punch that I love. If you have any other questions or comments, I’d love to hear from ya!


Scrappy Mini for My Man

7 Jun

After spending ages scouring the interwebs for a manly enough homemade gift for my boyfriend for the much-loved overly-commercialized Valentines Day, I finally settled on doing a really-mini-mini made out of a deck of cards. This ended up being the perfect size, since it was almost too small to do extensive embellishments on (didn’t want to make it too frilly!) but big enough to add some 3-d bits and some interactive pieces like fold outs and tag pockets.

How to: I glued the cards together with the card faces together (so that any showing bits would be the uniform card-back design) and printed my pictures as “wallet size”. This did leave me with duplicates of every picture I used, but I keep them in my purse and will someday make my own card-deck-mini! I punched holes through the cards with my cropadile and bound it with o-rings (which, I found, are much cheaper to buy in packages at staples than a scrap store!!) This album took a lot of eyeballing and not so much measuring, just because it is verrrry small and slightly tedious to work with. I just love the finished product though, and he displays it on his night stand! He’s always picking it up and saying how it is the “coolest thing anyone’s ever done for him,” which shows me that he really does understand how much time and effort go in to homemade gifts. It is really cool to see his face light up when he flips through it, and it makes me feel slightly less guilty about overtaking an entire one of the spare bedrooms for my scrap stuff!!


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