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Re-adhesive your Cricut mats

I have seen a lot (and I mean a lot) of techniques for re-using cricut mats. And why not? I certainly do, they’re expensive!!! However, many of the techniques I’ve seen involve using a scrap-specific adhesive such as a glue stick or glue pen. This is good thinking since we of course want whatever comes in contact with our paper to be acid free and archival quality adhseive, however this can easily prove to be nearly as expensive as buying new mats alltogether. Also, when using wet adhseives like those, you have to wait for them to dry and who has the time? The absolute best solution that I have found is Krylon’s Easy Tack.

It looks like a full size spray paint can (so carrying it around can be cumbersome) but I always keep it in my Cricut duffel bag because a quick spray of this stuff and your mat is ready to go! It works on a large variety of materials (wood, metal, plastic) if you have the need, but it’s perfect for cricut mats. I normally hold the can about 18″ away from the mat and move in a sweeping motion across the entire mat, quickly (I like a light mist because you get a good adhesion and it isn’t super tacky, which could damage a fragile paper like vellum). The only drawback is that the little rollers on the cricut machine that control your mat’s movement can build up a little tack, but a solution for this is to tape the left and right sides of your mats (and top and bottom, if you wish!) with masking tape before you spray them, so the adhseive doesn’t get on the borders of the mat. Or, I just scratched the tacky bits off with my fingernail, no big deal 🙂

This steal is only $6.99 at Hobby Lobby, SO much cheaper than constantly investing in new mats!!!


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