Collage Keepsake Box and Chic Jewelry Display

I was reading Tim Holtz’s blog and came across this little treasure, and though this would be a great project that would help use up old and left over papers!! This wooden box is covered with torn pieces of paper that are layered onto the box after being inked and disressed. They are then glued to the box using multi-medium which is a Ranger gel adhesive (though I would bet money that ModPodge would work splendidly!) Adhere some ribbon and embellishments with mod podge or glossy accents. Use trinkets such as box corners, a knob, and feet (after sanding, applying crackle, painting with dabbers, or other forms of distress if doing so matches your theme) and voila! You have a gorgeous keepsake box that is quick and easy, great for a little home decor item!!

For full instructions and a list of products that is used on the box pictured above, go to


This actually inspired me to make a little keepsake box of my own!  I made this little trinket box the other day when I was working on a frame, and I love how it turned out! I was cutting out borders with my cricut on plain old contact paper, and used them as a stencil to paint over. I got this little box for a couple of bucks at Hobby Lobby and it turned into a little treasure!

So the basic ingredients here are acrylic paint, flowers, and a little chipboard!

I painted the box black and let dry. Then I layed down my contact-paper-stencils on the lid, then painted over it in silver, similar to a resist technique.

Then I used some silver paint and started painting paper flowers that I had laying around (perfect for those odd colors you’ll never use on your pages, because the acrylic completely covers it!) After each one, I added more black to the mix, which gave me some color variation. I used the same paint to cover a chipboard S to put on the top as well as a square embossed chipboard peice I had sitting around. Layered some scrabook paper and vellum on top of that piece, along with the “S” and done! This is just the lid, but the box is a dark charcoal grey too, and I’m currently using it to store my paper flowers!

The other piece I fell in love with today is this super chic Jewelry Display. Since Archiver’s started carrying the 7 Gypsies trays that became wildly popular with their contest at Scrapfest last year, the scrap world has be overwhelmed with incorporating scrapbooking into their home decor. 

I was etsy-surfing and found this adorable jewelry display that reminded me of the 7gypsies tray and how easy it is to make a bunch of stuff still look cute by effectively displaying it!



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