I got a GYPSY!

FINALLY, I just got a gypsy! And i’ve spent every hour that I’m not at work on it 🙂 If you have a gypsy, you know that they come with 2 cartridges that are specific to the gypsy pre-loaded on it: gypsy font and gypsy wanderings. Honestly, the gypsy wanderings is worth the price of the gypsy alone! I LOVE that cartridge!! It comes with a full mat of really gorgeous designs, and each design comes with a shadow, a layer, a tag, a tag shadow, a decor tag, a phrase, the phrase shadow, a border of that design, AND border shadow!!! It’s such a full cartridge, its unbelievable. Great value! And the font cartridge is a cute font too, kind of like a handwritten cursive, so it’s very easy to “weld”. This leads into my favorite feature of the gypsy, the “weld” feature! One thing that always kept me from using my cricut was that every time it cut out letters, each was individual and its a pain to glue every one down!

Below I’ve shown a project that I did that I feel really embodies the awesomeness of the gypsy! I made a wedding card using the stretch your imagination cartridge and placed all the pieces I want on that card on one single mat, so that I can cut it all out in one go!

My expression hooked up to the gypsy!

So this is how I layed out the images so as to fit them all on one sheet. I had to take the little couple’s layers and drag them over to the card to size them correctly, duplicated it so that there were 2 little couples, then I used the “hide” feature on each, hiding the bride on one and the groom on the other. What this did was let me cut the bride out in white and the groom in black!

I looked (very carefully!) at the gridlines on the gypsy, and layed out my pieces of paper to make sure that the right pieces cut in the right spots. This is a GREAT use for all those extra scrap pieces of cardstock and paper you have laying around! (the papers are slightly different from the screen because I moved a couple pieces around).

So this is the finished card, just layered the pieces on and it’s done! Note to self, use cream for the skin next time…

(Inside the card)

Loved how easy this was, and I had the option to save the template so I can make it again anytime I want 🙂 If there’s anything specific (like this wedding card) you’d like to see, I can definitely do a tutorial on it, so let me know!


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