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DIY Glimmer Screens

When Tattered Angels introduced Glimmer Mists to the scrap world, I fell in love. The feminity of the shimmer, the ease of instantly dying an embellishment to match your project, endless possibilities! So of course, Tim Holtz followed this up with his glimmer screens, which create a gorgeous negative of the screen on a page, perfect for backgrounds, tags, etc. However, I hate to spend $7 to $10 on a flourished piece of plastic, so I decided to make my own. Heres how 🙂

Any local office supply store will have page protectors:

You don’t need anything fancy, just plain jane plastic or acetate. I cut the page protector down the spine and lay it flat, and cut out any design my heart desires on my cricut, but this can be done with any diecutting machine. Peel and voila! A custom glimmer screen! And this way, you have both the positive and the negative, so there are more options. You can glimmer names, phrases, or one of my favorites, the skyline silhouette on the “going places” cartridge. Page protectors are thin plastic though, so I like to take tiny bits of scrap adhseive like a tape runner and put a little adhesive on the back so the glimmer screen doesn’t move, and peel it back up when done. Gotta love DIY!


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