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Decoupage Table

I found myself in need of a coffee table. My little apartment’s little living room was looking very sad with just a white loveseat and chair, despite the awesome view… so I needed to spice it up a little! I bought a table set on craigslist that is a low coffee table and 2 matching square side tables that are higher. It is a nice set for my purposes, and a steal for $20! They all have black iron bars and plain cream wood (or that fake wood stuff?) tops. Since the year didn’t matter I got on and bought 3 calendars for a couple bucks a pop (since they are 2010) knowing that I wanted bigger pictures on the table. They were all black and white, themed New York, Paris, and London. I also found a used book at the Tattered Cover that is called “Architects of Peace” and was all black and white pictures of influential people throughout history. I cut out all the pictures, cropped them so I would have different sizes, and began pasting!

I started with a clean table and put a glob of mod podge down and spread it out to a thin and even layer with a foam brush. I tried applying the mod podge directly to the back of the picture, but it was nearly impossible to get to the edges when the paper started to warp.

Then, I’d lay the pictures down slowly, trying to avoid bubbles, and brayer over the top to smooth it out. Some bubbles were inevitable, but now that it is all dry, they’re barely visible!

I layered edges of pictures and used the mini pictures that are the calendar preview on the back cover to fill in spots that weren’t big enough for a full sized picture. The brayer really helped when some edges overlapped, it was effective at squeezing out that extra air.

This is the (almost) finished product! I still have to trim a few of the pictures that are hanging over the edges, and my boy is going to add a deep trim to the edge of the table that will come up higher than the top, and fill it with epoxy to seal it forever! I intially planned on using mod podge over the top, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the brushstrokes that you can see once the mod podge dries. Then I contemplated getting a piece of glass cut to fit over the top, but I think epoxy will look better and a bit more finished.  I’ll add pictures of the side tables once I get those finished, but it probably won’t be until after my move to Utah!

Another fabulously easy DIY project that adds some spice to your casa!! And all for about $40!


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