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How to… get the best adhesive for your project

Adhesives are the most important tool you have in your scrap tote. They are how the whole project comes together! There are many different types of adhesives, all of which are used for different things.

Tape and tape runners are best for applying pictures to paper and paper to other paper (matting). They’re also good for sticking down vellum, which can be very sheer. I prefer runners of adhseive squares (like Scrapbook Adhesives EZ Squares) and just stick a couple in each corner of a photo, done!

Glue is better for embellishments than gluing pictures and paper because those have a tendancy to warp when glued down. If you want to use glue for adhering pictures, you’d be better off using a glue stick.

Glue dots are great for attaching almost anything, and add an awesome 3D effect to your page. I use zots which are a bit hard to handle because all the dots are on a strip that you have to maneuver, but they are very tacky. Dots are great for embellishments like buttons and metal pieces because they really stick down.

Speaking of tacky, Terrifically Tacky tape is the best adhesive for hard to stick papers, embellishments and heavy items. This stuff adheres anything!

The Xyron create a sticker is good for those awkward shaped little pieces, and for applying ribbon. The X is a bit hard to get a hold of at first, but gives an adhesive that covers the entire bottom of whatever you are trying to stick down, without any lifting edges or ripples. For fiberous ribbons and skinny ropes, adhesives generally just don’t cut it. Try using brads or fancy staples, or fold the ribbon under the page/picture and tape down.


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