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How to… pick a type of stamp

An Introduction to Stamps…

Rubber stamps

These stamps give a very crips image. They are great for detailed stamps with thin lines such as the ones shown to the left. The design on the block always shows what the stamp will be. You don’t need  a block with these, which cuts down on materials needed, but they are generally more expensive per stamp (since clear stamps come in packages of multiple stamps).

Acrylic stamps

Clear stamps are great for being able to see exactly where your image will appear. The thinness of the rubber allows you to be able to manipulate the stamp, like curving a border stamp to fit a circular image. They take up less room but are also a bit harder to store. I store mine in the plastic sleeves they come in as opposed to buying additional stamp storage cases (just one more expense!) but the sleeves have a tendancy to rip. Acrylic stamps are great for stamping letters, words and quotes because you can see through the stamp to make sure it is applied straight. In order to use these stamps, you have to buy acrylic blocks to stick your stamps to in order to stamp them, probably in a few different sizes to cater to different stamps.

Cling stamps

A cross between the two types of stamps above. They take up less room than the classic rubber stamp and still give a crisp image. Still need acrylic blocks for these babies.


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