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How to… store your photos

Do you have developed pictures still sitting in their paper envelopes scattered around the house? Or maybe a digital camera with hundreds of pictures still on it? Organize those precious photos! The key to organizing your pictures is to start small. Firstly, since your photos contain your most precious memories, always back them up. If you can, burn them to CD or use a site like to write them to cd so you have digital backups. This is a great way to save space if you want to keep all your pictures but dont want them all printed out just yet. If you want to scrap your pictures, print out those selected precious memories and stick them in a binder or scrapbook  along with a stack of paper and matching embellishments so that when you feel the urge, grab it and create! Do your organizing in pieces so that you don’t get overwhelmed and give the project up. After all, you should feel good about having your favorite memories close at hand!

For pictures that are already printed, photo boxes or basic slide-in albums are your best bet. If your pictures are digital, you can get a cd binder to store those cd’s. But of course, the best method of storage is a scrapbook!

If you would like further suggestions for organizing or different tools to help get it done, just shoot me an email!


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