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To all my ladies out there that LoVe makeup!!

Hey ladies!! Hope everyone is doing well this fine Tuesday! If you’re like me, you’re anxiously counting the days until the weekend, hoping the next few days fly by! I have some exciting news to share… Out there in the vast YouTube-sphere, I discovered monthly beauty box subscription sites and they are AWESOME! I wanted to share this concept with you, because I know us frugal ladies love great deals!!

Monthly beauty box subscription sites are a fantastic way to try new luxury beauty products without having to buy a full size product. Generally, these sites give you a pretty good value for what you are paying too. Ranging between free and $50 a month (but $10 on average), you get a box that has between 3 and 6 “deluxe” beauty samples inside. I didn’t realize this, but there are tons of these companies out there! Some of them reward you for doing product reviews by awarding points that can be used as discounts in their store (which always sell full size versions of the samples you get, should you like it enough to buy it). Others give you bonuses for referring friends. Needless to say, most of these companies are a monthly subscription with limited spaces open, and most of them are full. No biggie though! You can join the waitlist and spots opened up for me within a couple of weeks.

Here’s a list of the different one’s I’ve found:

Influenster $0. FREE! Go on their site and review products and earn their “badges” and maybe you’ll qualify for a “voxbox”. Their boxes are themed for moms, beauty, brides-to-be, etc. and they reward you doing product reviews! However, I’m not quite sure how you qualify to get the beauty box… from what I’ve seen, it is a little bit luck-of-the-draw.

Birchbox $10/month, 4-5 samples.

TheLookBag $10/month, 5 luxury product samples

Beauty Army $12/month, 5-6 samples. (this one is cool, you can choose your own samples!)

GoGoGirlfriend $6.99 every 2nd month or $12.99 for a “premium” box every month (you’ll get beauty and home samples in this one)

MyGlam $10/month, 4-5 samples (heard VERY mixed reviews about this one, and apparently they have pretty terrible customer service. I guess they have been sending out coupons and calling them samples…)

Cravebox $10 monthly, You get 4 to 5 samples ranging in size from full, deluxe and sample size products, focused on home/health/family/hobby/pet and more. This box is not just beauty samples.

Sindulge $12/month, unknown number of samples

Conscious box $12/month + $7 s/h, unknown number of samples, “pure and sustainable” products from organic food to vegan body products.

Sample Society by Beauty Bar $15/month, 5 deluxe samples

Eco-Emi $15/month (focused on environmentally friendly/natural products)

Kara’s Way $15/month for 5-10 samples, also focused on environmentally friendly/natural products

GoodeBox $16/month for 6-7 trial size products (only works with sustainable, eco-sensitive companies, lots of vegan products)

Julep $20/month (for $40 worth of nail products)

New Beauty Test Tube Click here to sign up for autodelivery from QVC, and here to just sign up through New Beauty; $29.95 + $6.97 s/h (not a monthly subscription, (quarterly), but you can sign up for auto-ship from QVC so you dont have to worry about keeping track of when they put a new test tube together. I’ve seen some reviews and you get a good amount of FULL size products in there, along with their beauty magazine!)

Makeup Monthly $30/month (you can choose a nail, beauty, or skin subscription, full size products I’m pretty sure, at up to 30% off retail)

Beautyfix $49.99 per season, 8 full size products (they say you get $400 worth of product…)

The Mints: A new idea in monthly subscription services. Generally, you take a style profile to choose which products you get. Beautymint has a beauty box ($29.99 for 4 face products, 3 eye/lip, 2 hair and 3+ for body), Stylemint makes shirts ($29.99), Shoemint ($79.95) is shoes.

There are a couple more that are international and plan to come to the states soon: Glossybox (which I’ve heard great things about) and Luxebox by LooseButton (also got rave reviews!) so I’m pretty stoked for them to get here.

I’m not going to lie… there are plenty of pros and cons to these boxes. Generally, it is luck of the draw what you get in there. Having watched tons of youtube reviews on these monthly subscription boxes, some people are really happy with the products, some are not. Personally, I think wont lose much with the $10/month ones, it is fun trying something new! I just signed up for Birchbox (after lots of rave reviews on Youtube!) and BeautyArmy, so I’ll let you know when I get them!!

If you’re interested in signing up, here’s a couple referral codes! Many many thanks if you chose to use these!! 

Birchbox —

Beauty Army – email me your name to, and I can send it to BeautyArmy so you can automatically join, no waiting!



2 thoughts on “To all my ladies out there that LoVe makeup!!

    1. Definitely do! Reading more about it, I wouldn’t recommend myglam, but I’ve heard awesome things about birchbox (the general population favorite), conscious box, and new beauty test tube! Let me know what you think!! 😀

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