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Scrappy Mini for My Man

After spending ages scouring the interwebs for a manly enough homemade gift for my boyfriend for the much-loved overly-commercialized Valentines Day, I finally settled on doing a really-mini-mini made out of a deck of cards. This ended up being the perfect size, since it was almost too small to do extensive embellishments on (didn’t want to make it too frilly!) but big enough to add some 3-d bits and some interactive pieces like fold outs and tag pockets.

How to: I glued the cards together with the card faces together (so that any showing bits would be the uniform card-back design) and printed my pictures as “wallet size”. This did leave me with duplicates of every picture I used, but I keep them in my purse and will someday make my own card-deck-mini! I punched holes through the cards with my cropadile and bound it with o-rings (which, I found, are much cheaper to buy in packages at staples than a scrap store!!) This album took a lot of eyeballing and not so much measuring, just because it is verrrry small and slightly tedious to work with. I just love the finished product though, and he displays it on his night stand! He’s always picking it up and saying how it is the “coolest thing anyone’s ever done for him,” which shows me that he really does understand how much time and effort go in to homemade gifts. It is really cool to see his face light up when he flips through it, and it makes me feel slightly less guilty about overtaking an entire one of the spare bedrooms for my scrap stuff!!


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