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Sprucing it up!

For years and years, I’ve been collecting pictures of home decor ideas, architectural layouts, paint techniques, interesting feng shui tips and more, just waiting for the day that I can start decorating my very own home! However, the boy and I are still renting… and I was getting tired of holding back on the decorating just because we can’t paint or rip up the carpets.

So lately, I’ve been leaning a lot more towards home decor items, and little accents I can put up in the house without changing the rental. To go along with the black and white decoupage table I made (click here to see!!), I got a foam wreath from Joanns and ordered some ribbon from (great site, tons of fun ribbons at way low prices!) to DIY a cute all season wreath for under $15!

Ingredients Used:

  • Styrofoam wreath (Joanns $5),
  • ribbon (1 1/2″ black/white stripe, $2.25 per 5 yards, I’d get at least 15 yrds, still less than $10!)
  • hot glue/glue gun

I took the wreath and glued ribbon on the side facing me, wraped a few times, and glued again. I repeated this process all the way around, making sure to pull the ribbon TIGHT (didn’t want any creases or folds!) and glue every few wraps. Also, make sure to always glue on the side facing you, so that you can’t see the glue from the front.





Holding the end and looping the ribbon back and forth in longer and longer pieces, I made the bow and hot glued it at the bottom, off to the side a bit. I really adore how it turned out, and it seriously took maybe 20 minutes!!



2 thoughts on “Sprucing it up!

  1. ooh, i like the simplicity of this and it works all year round! last Christmas i got a bit obsessive about yarn wreaths and made a whole bunch for friends and family (i suppose i might get round to blogging about it at some point ;0)). have you yarn a go?

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