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The ultimate thrift: Upcycling a DIY project !!!

You know you’re a craft-addict when you upcycle a previous DIY project. Oh my… ;D

A few years ago, a couple of my girlfriends and I went to Joanns and got fleece to make some tie blankets. (Here’s a tutorial for tie blankets if you haven’t made one before, they’re super easy and no-sew!) I have loved that blanket for YEARS, it’s HUGE and soft and so cozy! However, as fleece does, it started to become a little worn looking…



Looks like some of my knots even came undone in the wash… Oh well, just tied them back up again. So my particular blanket was a very long blanket, I think I got 3 yards worth of fleece? So what I decided to do was get a bag of batting from Joanns ($10/bag, $5 with coupon!) ….



open it up and separate it all out (this stuff multiplies like crazy!)…



In the picture above, the batting is covering about half the blanket (other half is bunched up on the right, shows you how long it is…!)


…then fold my blanket over, and tie the knots that were already around the edge to each other, just like you make the tie blanket the first time around.



It’s kind of hard to tell, but you can see above, i took a knot on each side and tied them in a knot to each other. This worked really well, as fleece is a pretty stretchy fabric. It got a bit tricky when I came to a section where I had cut pretty short pieces and so I had really short knot tags, but was fine other than that! Granted, you could do this project out of a new tie blanket and not tie all the way around the edges to then fold it in half and tie again… but hey, this is upcycling! This is what I had!!!



So this is the finished product. And I must say, Isis loves it!!! So for those old blankets, this is a great project that will make a certain canine in your house very happy! You could use additional bags of batting, depending how fluffy you want it to be, but since mine’s going to be a dog bed, I didn’t need it stuffed like a pillow



(sorry about the blur, she was so excited, she wouldn’t stop moving!!!)


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