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Alternative birthday calendar

Afternoon everyone! Had to share this awesome altered calendar and made with you 🙂 I cut out 4×6 blocks of chipboard for each month, and decorated each card based on the season. I then use more chipboard to create a little stand for it, with a post to hold it up like a display.The 11 months that aren’t being used or stored in the backside, well the current month gets propped up on the front.

 This is a birthday and anniversary/special date calendar that you don’t have to change out every year, but you could certainly make it a yearly calendar as well.

I used a vintage recollections stack to do this, so mostly paper and almost no card stock. The benefit of this is that the papers are very pliable, and you can do a lot of layers without making a project to chunky. I am so used my cricket to cut out some of the words and embellies in grunge paper, as I knew that the calendar would take some wear and tear over the years and grunge paper is very durable. 


January February and March on the left-hand column, April May and June on the right.
July August in September in the left-hand column, October November and December on the right.  

this is what the back of the month cards look like,so

see you can write in birthdays and anniversaries .



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