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Art & travel Journal 

I created this smash book style journal a while back, and I absolutely love the softness of the pastels with the craft paper! I’m no a big journaler, so I’ll be honest, I haven’t figured out what to write in it yet! I really want to use it as a travel journal, to write as I go on a trip, but I always find that I’m too busy traveling and never write what I want to! Either that, or I end up changing my mind about what I want to say, and it drives me absolutely bonkers to have cross through’s and edits on a final product. Needless to say, I’ve been holding onto it until I can figure out what I want to do with it, but I am just in love with the style of “every day life” memorabilia, especially week by week journals. I’m going to head and decorated the pages in this book so that when the moment strikes me, I can fill it up with my memorabilia 🙂 I kept the pages really super simple, so that I could put any themed pictures, holiday, etc. in there. Only included the first handful of pages, or this would have been a really long post!

This is a fancy pants brag book, and I just love how these journals come with built in journaling and plain pages, as well as pockets and photo sleeves! It’s perfect for a really quick album, because you have all the tools you need and it’s already bound. This would make a great gift for someone, all you have to do is mount some photos and voilà! 





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