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A New (old) Cuttlebug!

Now, to be sure, I am a HUGE cricut fan. I love love love my Cricut, but a girl’s gotta expand her horizons. 

Nowdays, there are tons of companies that make dies for the various die cutting machines, but we’re a thrifty bunch! There are all kinds of videos that show you different “sandwiches” that you can use to get the right pressure with the plates using different dies.

I found a really awesome reference chart for exactly which plate/die combos to use to get the right cut:

Sandwhich guide chart:

I started out with one of the “Sizzix texture boutique” purse-looking embossers, but I decided I wanted a bigger machine that can handle the dies, so I ended up getting a cuttlebug on craigslist. The lady selling it included many dies and embossing folders, so I definitely lucked out there. I have since started to broaden my horizons to metal texture plates and home-brands of dies that I have come across at scrapbooking and craft expos, there are so many options out there nowadays! I haven’t made the move to invest in a big shot yet, but between the Cuttlebug and my cricket, I can cut out about anything 🙂 the advantage to the Cuttlebug is definitely that it is simple to use on a whim, where is the cricket you have to research the designs that you want to cut out. Both have their place though 🙂
What projects you created with your cuttlebug, and what are some unique ways you have found to use it? Have an awesome day my friends 🙂


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