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Christmas Photo Folio

Christmas is coming!!!!! Ok – so it’s October, and I will admit, I’ve started listening to Christmas music!!

This is a very simple tri-fold photo folio, I’ll probably use it for a gift for someone this Christmas. This is a brain-child of working for too long on one project and all of a sudden, desperately needing to do something else! I get that way when crafting, I get ancy working on one project too long!

This project was made by cutting (2) 12×12 pages down to 12×10 and connecting for the base, scoring unevenly to make the base and flaps, and then just adding some additional photo mats stacks, and more flaps inside for photo/journaling real estate. I’ll be honest, Other than keeping the middle piece of the base 10×10, this was completely random and I didn’t measure much of anything. I just kept adding, and this is what I came up with!

Lots of photo mats – 14 (front and back) in that flip-up-stack just on the right wing!


It just keeps opening! Layed some frames on there to show what it may look like (depending on the pictures) when all done!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Photo Folio

  1. This is gorgeous, I love working on Christmas projects this time of year too! I will be listening to the Christmas music very soon, usually right after Halloween and the movies! Love watching the Christmas movies while working on my projects! It was so lovely meeting you last week, wish we were there this weekend too!

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