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Faux Leather & Metallic Earrings

I don’t know about you – but I LOVE making my own version of art pieces I see. I can’t recall where I saw a similar style of earring, but I had this vision floating around in my head for ages and finally decided to give these babies  go. I picked up my supplies from the local Joann’s:

  • “pebble leather” by Cricut, which was perfect for this project because it is SO lightweight and easy to cut
  • gold adhesive foil (also a pretty new release from cricut, and I am OBSESSED)
  • 1/32mm birch wood from the craft section

I already had the J-shaped earring hooks & jump rings on hand but if you don’t, they are easy too find in your local craft store too – jewelry section.

No progress pictures for this one because it was SUPER SIMPLE, just a matter of cutting out 6 rectangles! 2 larger for the leather, and the wood and adhesive foil cut at the same size. I wanted the separated look of having 2 layers and the movement that gives, which is why I put the foil over the
wood and made it a separate piece. I used a cropadile to punch the hole, and attached the hooks. That’s it!!!! These can literally be made in 10 minutes on your Cricut.

Happy crafting!!!!


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