30+ before 30!

Everyone’s heard of this idea – make a list of things you want to accomplish, achieve, do, visit, experience, etc. before you turn 30 (or 40, or however old). But in an effort to spice up my life and bring some color into my days (we can’t go getting comfortable, let alone stagnant, now can we) I scoured the internet and created my own “before 30” list. So I am setting monthly reminders to revisit this list and keep it fresh on my mind, since I have about 2 years to complete all of these things! And no, I couldn’t narrow it to 30. Bring it!

Last updated: December 30, 2015, Completed items in Green!

    • Lifestyle
      • Unplug for (as long as it takes – day, week..)
      • Splurge on a timeless item
      • Host a black tie party
      • Take a class that’s out of your element
      • Apply for your dream job
      • Keep my marriage a priority
      • Get a caricature
      • Have a cute baby
      • Say YES for a week
      • Make someone’s dream come true
      • Learn to cook without cookbooks
    • Travel/Event
      • Climb a mountain
      • Go scuba/snorkling
      • Travel somewhere by yourself
      • Go 3+ day backpacking in the Grand Canyon
      • Attend a major sports event
      • See an opera
      • See a broadway show on Broadway
      • See a lion in Africa
      • Sleep in a castle
      • Climb a volcano
      • See a pyramid
      • Get lost in a foreign country
        Getting lost in the alleys of Italy – 2013?
      • Take a cross-country road trip
        Spring Break road trip with Danee around south island of NZ
      • Travel somewhere TRULY exotic
        Kanchanaburri, Thailand. Stayed in a hut overlooking the River Kwai in the forest!
      • See the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand
        Completed November 24-26
      • Attend a music festival
        Country Jam 2012, 2013
      • Make a friend abroad and keep in touch
        Emma Harris – met on honeymoon while we were on a Chinese Junk boat in Phuket. Her and her boyfriend live and work in Bangkok and are from NY.
    • Experience
      • Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
      • Eat at one of the world’s best restaurants
      • Test drive the dream car
      • Spend time volunteering
      • Go whitewater rafting
        Colorado river x5 (+) as a kid World’s highest commercially rafted waterfall – Kaituna River, NZ
      • Karaoke
        Too many times to count. Karaoke well? Incomplete.
      • Go skydiving/bungee jumping
        Skydiving – complete (New Zealand) Bungee Jumping – complete (“The Nevis” AJ Hackett Bungy Jump – New Zealand)
      • Watch a meteor shower
        Not a meteor shower but watched the eclipse on Sept 27, 2015 and took pictures
    • Learn
      • Read mom/dad’s fav book
      • Mentor someone
      • Learn photoshop
    • Create
      • Grow blog
      • Sell something I’ve made on my own easy shop
      • Complete a 30-day photo challenge or take a picture every day for a year
      • Make a quilt
      • Cook through a cookbook
      • Send 30 cards/hand written letters
        Sent 15 handmade Christmas cards for Christmas 2015
    • Fitness
      • Run a half marathon
      • Get to a level of fitness and physical form I’m happy with (and is sustainable)
      • See my abs