About ScrapSugar

Hello friends!!
I’ve been a “crafter” for long as I can remember. I made a scrapbook of my trip to Disney World with my family when I was in sixth grade out of construction paper, and that is where my scrapbooking journey started! Ever since then, I have loved taking my photographic memories of trips and every day moments and turning them into visual works of art; it my way of truly cherishing those moments and sharing them with people that I love. I also just got married, so now I have a whole new life event to start scrapping, woo hoo!!

While my primary focus is scrapbook layouts and mini-albums, I love branching out into mixed media, card making and stamping, art journaling, and other forms of creation such as home decor projects and cooking! I am always intrigued by exploring new forms of creation. I am also a wedding planner part time, so I love helping my clients create personalized decorative projects for their weddings.

SR_354a SR_362a



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